Thursday, 20 November 2014

#SPOTlight - Are You On The List? Blog Tour

*crawls out from under rock*  HEY she's back haha (for real this time) right before I begin a long-winded spiel about my absence let's talk about 'Are You on The List?' -  I get called a socialite quite a bit lately so when So Vain asked to me be involved I thought why not? 

This book is written in a easy readable tongue in cheek style however there some great tips lurking especially found the chapter about confidence really worthwhile as for me that is area I still struggle with, cat literally has my tongue when I have to speak to new people my shyness I swear makes me socially inept at times. 

I remember reading somewhere Daphne Guinness is terribly shy and uses her clothes an an armour - this exactly what I do too though I am rather shy my personal style (and hair occasional) serves as such a great conversation starter, once the ice has been broken  makes it easier to speak further. 

So yes this book will make a great Christmas gift or stocking filler for any friends or family who long to be a blogger or otherwise. 

In case you forget what I looked like, below is recent OTTD taken whilst I was out doing press day rounds.

Matalan Coat, Adidas Stan Smiths, Charity Shop Trousers + Hat, Ebay Blazer

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Lastly be nice and go give the other bloggers involved a little visit, see what they thought of  'Are You on The List?' +

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