Sunday, 3 November 2013

#SPOTlight - YASH Charity Shop

Taken w/Nokia Lumia 925

A few weeks back I traipsed over to Bromley to visit YASH charity shop - Keysha the owner kindly invited me to down to have a browse, the prices are affordable (and I mean affordable) the coats above were both under £10 (shocker, right?!) Charity shops are the best place to get winter outerwear and YASH is definitely a must visit the selection of outwear had me weak at the knees- did a little Q+A (however lost the Q+A) but do remember a few little facts:

YASH - What does it stand for? 

Young. Achieving, Successful and Hopeful 

How long has YASH been open? 

Since 2011

What does style mean to you? 

Just being yourself and being confident in whatever you put on

I enjoyed nosing around YASH and do plan to go back at some point, could have spent the whole day there Keysha (the owner) was easy to talk too and very hospitable. I got two blazers and a trench next few OTTD posts I shall show how I wear my YASH pieces p.s. follow YASH here and here 


  1. Love the grey coat. I am all for oversized cocoon style coats this season x

  2. That first coat is what I'm looking for!


Thank You!

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