Thursday, 17 October 2013

#OTTD Birkenstock 2.0 + Life Update

Yash Charity Shop Blazer, Birkenstock, Primark Jeans
Claudia Ligari Goody Bag
Hello! Yes those are Birkenstock I'm wearing gave into the trend eventually, they look best when paired with tailoring AND in the Arizona style which I'm wearing in dark colours or white. 

Now onto the update bit I now work as a Press/Social Media assistant (above is the goody bag for an upcoming event) - I deal with online press and blogger outreach namely I began as a intern and eventually got a position, its a small PR company which I think is ideal for a first job, at the moment its part time so still work weekends at the charity shop.

You have probably noticed I have not been consistent with posting, that is because at the moment feel like blogging is a funny ole world. A little grossed out by these new blogs and some established blogs who are constantly draped in C/O (free) outfits now do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with accepting free clothes- BUT when your losing your personal style all for the sake of free clothes that's a problem, I'm all for your style changing but when it's not natural *shakes head* not impressed. 

When offered freebies I make sure it suits my taste, if it doesn't I say 'No thank you' I respect the bloggers who are discerning and know to accept gifts which are to their  personal style not just grabbing at every free item. Additionally seeing one too many blog posts with regurgitated information if you are going to a post covering a trend please make sure your are fully aware and not simply copy and pasting information from another blog post or a weekly magazine i.e. swear I am going to gorge out my eyes if I see one more post about a bleeding pink coat.

Right I'm going to stop now because I can be here ALL day ranting so will end here and oh please like one of the designer's I work with  - Sadie Clayton new Facebook page here


  1. You look so cute Jen congrats on the job

  2. I NEED some Birkenstocks but I feel they may slip off and kill me when I'm cycling. xxx

  3. Wash felt like this for so long, it's even happening to some of my favourite bloggers right now. Taking a step back from the blogosphere and just reading the ones I'm into right now.

    Congrats on the job!!

  4. Omygosh! I just has this convo yesterday about free stuff for promoting on your blog. Since my teeny weeny blog has been growing (slowing) brands and companies have been contacting me and majority of it is stuff/things that im not interested in... i actually asked a blogger for advice on how to deal with it as you still want to maintain a good relationship!

    Also a huge congrats on your JOB! x

  5. loove your outfit!
    great blog post too, i completely agree with you about the c/o issue and all the pink coat posts!

  6. I totally feel you about the whole promo thing, I've seen way too many bloggers change their style due to stuff they get for free! x

  7. Love the jeans!! Congrats on starting the position, I'd love that role.
    It was also lovely to see you this evening if only for a short time, I hope the rest of the evening went well xx

  8. Yes Jen! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa pink coat fever lol! ;) Birkenstocks actually look really nice on you , I can't see it happening to me anytime soon but we both know it will eventually. Had a great time last night - too bad I had to leave due to unforseen sweating issues :D see you tomorrow

    Frankie xx

  9. First of all, I cannot believe those jeans are from PRIMARK?! Whaaat?? I love them. Also, I seriously want a pair of Birkenstocks. I used to wear them all the time when I was a kid.

    On a separate note, I totally agree with you regarding bloggers and freebies. So many of my favourite blogs have started making almost all their posts sponsored by brands. Even though they don't explicitly say it, it's obvious. It sucks.



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