Monday, 8 April 2013

SPOTlight: Strappy Heeled Sandal vs Points

How To Wear Option 1
How To Wear Option 2

Unless you have walking around with your eyes firmly shut, its hard not to notice the strappy heeled sandal and points (a pointy stiletto) are two of the hottest shoe shape at the minute - I have found on the High Street/Online ASOS and Zara are the go-to-shop for either of these styles. Other High Street retailers who have jumped on this trend Primark, New Look, Kurt Geiger, H&M, River Island only recently has Topshop and Office stepped up their offerings. 
For me personally the two celebrities who wear both styles exceptionally well are Ri Ri and Solange Knowles - below is an example of both girls rocking this trend: 

Though I own both strappy heel sandals and  points, more partial to a pair of points as I find them more comfortable and hide your feet whereas a strappy heeled sandal requires maximum feet exposure and rather uncomfortable. What's your stance? lover of both? or partial to just one of the styles? Before I go below are  top three favourites from the beloved British High Street: 

Zara £39.99

ASOS £55

River Island £55


  1. I can deffo see the Style Playlist in that first outfit, but for me I am loving outfit #2!

  2. I love the strappy heels atm, too bad I haven't worn any of mine yet D: I did try on some amazing pointy ones in primark the other day tho. The second outfit is too good - love it! XXX

  3. i like strappy heels over pointy..
    but for me I prefer the more covered up stappy heels over the 'naked' ones that are in Zara and Primark

    Like the River Island ones above - I have a similar version of those from Korea!

    Outfit 1 is more me but funnily enough I prefer outfit 2! great post


  4. They look amazing on girls, but personally its not for me because of the skinny heel. The last pair is great because of the chunky heel. Love the second outfit.

    Lola x

  5. Those River Island shoes are beyond perfect! Nice post xx

  6. solange looks amazing!please check out our new blog post and feel free to leave a comment ;-) xx

  7. Im quite the fan of both shoes, But I love strappy sandals. They can be styled with absolutely anything. The Asos Hollywood sandals are beyond perfect!

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