Friday, 1 March 2013

Vintage Kilo Sale

What I Bought!

Last Week Saturday I got the chance to go the Vintage Kilo Sale, have loads of clothes already so I mainly came down to pick some accessories  Very happy with the bits I got - definitely recommend paying the Kilo Sale a visit, go on Judy's to find out when the next sale and other fairs are on.

The Vintage Kilo sale works like this - you get a bag fill it up and its £15 for a kilo how cheap right! That's like 4-6 items you get for £15, accessories/jewellery from Victoria's Corner is individually price starting from £1. 


  1. I hate you!! So gutted i couldnt go! Great bargains :) XXX

  2. So jealous Jen!!! Wish I was back in London to be able to go to these! Judys have stopped coming to where my uni is *sob* so many bargains!!!!

    XOXO Sade

  3. I always seem to miss this, so annoying! Looks like loads of fun x

  4. OMDays that sounds like heaven! I will be at the next kilo sale!!!!
    great picks love the tartan bag!

  5. This kilo vintage sale! sounds like my cup of tea! xx

  6. You bought so many lovely things!

    Carmen Ri.

  7. It all looks so good. all those bags! There is a kilo sale coming up in Manchester soon. Looking forward to it after seeing this is what they have to offer.

    Lola x


Thank You!

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