Saturday, 26 January 2013

SPOTlight: The Lower Heel

Outfir 1

The lower heel or as Elle call it 'the demi heel' became rather popular last year and think its popularity will continue to grow, as they are great alternative to high heels. With a lower heel you can sustain the whole day unlike high heels which you have to carry emergency flats in your handbag, also if you rather tall and do not like wearing high heels or just not keen on high heels; the lower heel is your new best friend. The lower heel is a versatile and can be styled various ways - outfit 1 + 2 are just to give you some styling ideas.

Outfit  2

Below is my top pick of the lower heel from the high street:

compiled using Pintrest


  1. Love a lower heel lately. Feels effortless and fresh.


  2. i have my eye on those topshop cuts out boots!

  3. I used to be a bit afraid of low heels but I am really warming to them! I have been eyeing up the Topshop cut out boots for ages now - they would look so good with cute socks xx

  4. Low heels and those cut off leather heavy boots are my faves for new season. Totally with mixing like You with lil baroque earrings :>

  5. I love the second outfit, mainly because i want those boots! :-)



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