Friday, 7 December 2012

Sucker For...

Charity Shop Jacket + Cardi, Ebay Skirt + Top, UO Shoes
I love love love LOVE matching separates have quite a few matching tops + skirts now and a few weeks back purchased a velvet trouser set for just £8 - was very pleased. Oh yeah before I run off finally done a facebook page for J NOIR you can like the page here if you wish.


  1. Beautiful! Love the pattern on the dress xxx

  2. Love the matching shoes, lippy and colour on your dress! Perfect!

    XOXO Sade

  3. Love the matching skirt and top, the print is just perfect.

    Lola and Fikki x

  4. Hello there fellow vintage junkie. I just discovered your blog and I love your style. You have a great eye! This jacket is SO good, love the texture.

    xoxo Britt

  5. Wow that jacket is awesome, makes me wanna go to charity shops :)

  6. Love that cardi with the dress, amaze combo! Ooh I like the sound of the velvet trouser set!xx

  7. Ermmmm Can I have that dress...please?

  8. I love this ensemble, especially that dress! Loving the blog too x


Thank You!

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