Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sale Find and a Chinwag

now £10!!!!
How chic are these?! leopard print AND sports a cute demi heel (which Elle say are making a comeback) they are from Urban Outfitters. Oh yeah remember a couple posts ago said I was going for an important interview well it was Urban Outfitters HQ as a 'Social Media Assistant'.
Now I did not get the role got as far as the 2nd stage, was told I did not have enough experience and was unprepared for the telephone interview, obviously was disheartened I mean UO is one of my favourite high street shops and to work in the HQ is a dream role - what irks me is that phrase 'not enough experience' for an entry position if you do not give someone that opportunity to gain experience how else does one gain necessary experience. I have interned A LOT (currently at River Island PR) and do wonder when/how long will it take for me to be lucky and bag a job - the sort of fashion career (if your wondering) i want to get it is: social media or press - would like to start with a high street brand or small agency then eventually move to a small luxury brand. Anyways that's my spiel over (you are probably tired of my yapping).


  1. This is the exact same problem I've been having in my field. I don't understand why companies do not realise that giving people that first chance allows them to thrive and gain experience. It's definitely them not wanting to spend that extra money and time on training an employee which is so disheartening for many graduates. I hope you find something good soon.

    Saw these on the UO website and I'm contemplating getting them. They look so nice.

    Lola x

  2. I wanted the black versions of these - the heel is just PERFECT! x

  3. bleeurgh. Firstly congratulations on getting to the second stage. Secondly there are SO many people going for jobs like these, and they have to pick one person - even though the rest of the applicants may have been great too. Unfortunately the person who got it may have been getting experience for 3+ years or whatever, and so desperate for a job they were willing to accept the lower salary an entry level position would provide.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards my friend. You never know what's around the next corner.

  4. They are so cute Jen!
    Such a shame about the job, the fashion industry is the most frustrating of them all. How much counts as 'enough experience' as I know so many people like you that have done so many internships and are still struggling to get a job. Such a shame.
    Keep tryinggggggg girllll, it will deffo happen soon,

  5. They are amazing! What a find.
    And sorry about the job :( I was fed up of hearing about 'lack of experience' too but it will happen eventually :)

    Rosie x

  6. hi dear! I just found ur blog and I love it :) What do you think of following each other?
    let me know


  7. Gorgeous shoes, always love leopard print!xx

  8. Sorry about your job interview... is disappointing I've been at the same situation but you have to keep trying and trying , never give up!!! I've just started my blog and I find yours, if you want follow me please! x x


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