Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nasty Gals Do It Better

Ebay Vintage Kimono, Primark Tee Shirt Dress, River Island Platform Sneakers
HEY GUYS!! literally obsessed with kimonos, long robe jackets, anything open long and jacket/robe like - I blame Nasty Gal (hence the title) for this. 
So anyways finally got a more kimono-y jacket on Ebay last week, thought it would be longer but hey I'm 5'2 so the length is perfect for a midget like me. 
Today I also assisted Elle, a friend and stylist on a shoot, some pictures below...

After the shoot I jetted over to Central London to go to the Look Magazine x Swarovski Crystallized event - a lovely evening filled with pretty jewels and amazingly dressed bloggers and Look mag readers. 
So yes that's my day summarised for you, as you've probably guessed I'm tired, so see you beauts next post.


  1. Your kimono is fantastic ! I really wanted one of those dresses from Primark, didn't think it would suit me and now they seem to be sold out! looks great on you :)



  2. I love that flower headband so lovely

  3. You look AMAZING!!! Love that floral ting, you look like a ghetto wood-nymph. xx

  4. you look gorgeous, the full length kimono really suits you! I bougt a short silk robe from H&M to wear as one but completley forgot about it so thanks for reminding me! xxx

  5. That kimono is AMAZING! I've been looking for something similar for a while and never thought to look on ebay, will be having a look for sure :) xx

  6. I love this, so so much. I actually have a few kimonos (two to be exact) that I sell on my online shop, Miracle Eye! Kimonos rock.

  7. Your Kimono <3 gorgeous girl xx

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  10. I may rob you for that kimono just sayin!


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