Friday, 11 May 2012

The Maxi Shirt Dress

Staple Maxi Shirt Dress, Office Wedges, Ebay Neon Socks, Vintage Basement Leather Jacket
Afternoon lovelies! Yes I have false nails at the moment always wanted stiletto nails like Lady Gaga, Lana Del Ray + Rihanna - didn't get them too sharp because it'll break easier and I'm rather clumsy so might end scratching myself. I got this maxi shirt dress (and this another chiffon-y cape thingy) from the Out & About Showroom sample sale a few weeks back, there was also Evil Twin + MinkPink stuff on sale too but I found Staple more up my street - lots of sheer, lots of length. You've probably noticed I've got on yet another crucifix necklace and ring, let me tell you I'M OBSESSED, IN LOVE with anything with a cross - bought so much crucifix jewellery in the last two weeks to add to my already extensive collection.


  1. This dress is gorgeous!!
    Loving the leopard platforms on you too, matched with the neon socks.

  2. love love love
    I swear I have never disliked any of your outfits lol

  3. cool! your ring-eye I loooove always! xoxo

  4. i want your dress...send it to me.. Thank you and goodbye..loool
    no but really! i wannnttt
    been wanting to get my stiletto nail for ages as well! but its hard out here in SK!!


  5. Gosh! the styling in this post, I live for! You are amazing! You look beautiful. :)

  6. your nails are amazing! that dress is gorge

  7. Shoe twinsies!! Lol. feeling the neon socks! Really feeling.

    P.S. I'm hosting a £500 competition for Next on my blog
    It would be great if you could enter as it's such a massive prize.

    Sheree xx

  8. nice dress , me likey a lot xoxo

  9. neon socks!! so good. like, really good.

  10. I'm loving the leather jacket, great blog btw ;)


Thank You!

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