Sunday, 1 April 2012

Katch PR Press Day/Motel SS12 Launch Evening

Emily + Jen

Beyond Retro Bomber, New Look Midi Pencil Skirt, Unknown Tee
Good Evening! On Thursday trotted over to Central London to the Katch PR press day and Motel SS12 launch with Jen - began at Cirque du Soir for Katch PR loved seeing Zeynep Tosun collection up close (could actually be here a whole day gushing about Tosun) , there was free nibbles and beauty treatments too whilst   noseying around bumped into lovely Emily of Wardrobe Block. From Katch with Emily in tow we set out to Motel - again more free nibbles, nail art AND the best freebie ever this inverted cross necklace from Rock 'N Rose (love ANYTHING with a crucifix) I'm totes loving the SS12 offering from Motel I WANT ALL THE CYCLING SHORTS! just like the previous Motel event I attended we got the chance to pick one free item, sadly there was no cycling shorts to choose from but picked some white scribble jeans (hoping they fit over my ample derrière) 


  1. You look fab as always! I would LOVE to go to a Motel event, how do you go about getting an invite?

  2. looks like so much fun !!! and you looked great , ooh i want to attend an event too xoxo

  3. the BOOM sandals are amazing!!!!!

  4. I love your jacket! You look awesome. I'm actually wearing something similar in my blog. CYCLING SHORTS sounds good! where are they? I can't see them in their website.

  5. Fabulous collection, seems you had lots of fun:)

  6. Gawd, so wish I could have gone to the Katch day :( Bloody living up North had it's pitfalls! Glad you had a lovely day with the gorgeous Emily though :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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