Friday, 20 April 2012

Favourite Dress

River Island Midi Dress, Ebay Vintage Fringe Jacket, UO Lurex Clutch
Evening all!! This is one of my favourites dresses bought it cause I could SO see Flo + The Machine wearing it too - speaking of which Flo's MTV unplugged album has on constant repeat since it came out the other week. Oh yeah time sure does fly finish uni forever for good in less than a week - yikes! (if anybody out there wishes to employ me do feel free -  a Press/Marketing/Social Media role suits me perfectly) 


  1. Gorgeous combo! Love the dress + creeps styling!x

  2. You're so right, I could see her wearing that dress! I love that you've got those intricate sleeves peeking past the cuff of your jacket. I also quite like these socks with the creepers, and the creepers with that dress. Congratulations on the approaching graduation!

  3. The dress is lovely and I am a huge florence fan too! xx


Thank You!

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