Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Double Denim

East End Thift Store Levi Jeans, Ebay Vintage Harrington Jacket, Backpack + Denim Jacket, Timberlands
Evening lovelies!! This is today's look I do love a bit of double (sometimes triple) denim, had an internship interview for a luxury brand in the morning. Currently looking for long term internship within Fashion PR or Social Media to do over the summer - then afterwards begin looking for a graduate job YIKES! would love to work in an emerging fashion city such as Amsterdam, Berlin or Stockholm.


  1. Love this outfit! I am definitely a fan of double denim, looks great here!
    I'm thinking of doing my masters in Stockholm actually, there are some great fashion courses and it's free - perfect!

    Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

  2. Gorgeous outfit, love all the denim and your gorgeous coat breaks it all up nicely!
    Good luck with the internships. I would love to live in amsterdam - faveourite place ever, it's so pretty! xx

  3. Denim on Denim = Winning.


  4. Love your blog, check mine and we can follow each other if you like :)

  5. great style! I hope your interview went well... and dont forget to say hello if you are in Stockholm =)

  6. I love denim on denim on you! Good luck with your interview!

    Carmen Ri.

  7. nice outfit :)x

  8. good luck with the internship finding! love your jacket, and i have your jeans haha! wearing them in me most recent post :P xxx


Thank You!

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