Sunday, 11 March 2012

THE Sequin Trophy Jacket

Ebay Vintage Sequin Jacket + Velvet Ski Pant Leggings, F21 Necklace
Evening Guys! This is today's look *twirls* looks like Spring has sprung in London so I finally got a chance to wear this vintage sequin trophy jacket ALWAYS wanted this type of jacket because one of my all time favourite bloggers Karen of She just has this knack of throwing on sequins so causally.
Ohyeah yesterday whilst semi organising my clothes I came to the realisation I've officially run out of space for clothes and stuff, there is just NO ROOM! I share a room with my sister, so my half of the room is chock-a-block with clothes. Implementing a spending ban would be hard to do seeing as I'm a blogger and fashion student so what I plan to do is slap myself with a Ebay ban (my biggest problem) and try to shop on the high street/charity shops only if I really really really like the item. Nia Says a vlogger I regularly watch recently did a video about shopping from your wardrobe, becoming requited with clothes you forgot about - which is something I need to do and I'm guessing some of you need to do too.


  1. loving ur hair, dont change :) YOUR BLAZER IS TOP

  2. THAT BLAZER. I love it!! Makes me sad though because I had one very similar but I sold it on ebay during a broke phase last summer and I miss it, sob sob!
    And your hair is fabulous, really suits you!

    Drea xo

  3. recently did this with my wardroe but using a pair and a spare's tips on scaling down your wardrobe. it really helps! found some gems hiding in my wardrobe. Love the sequinned jacket. gorgeous :) - lola x

  4. Bling bling. Seriously nice jacket. Sequins are a real mood lifter! Loving this vid, I do wanna do a video, I'm inspired. Xx

  5. Grrr, just wrote a really long comment but it didn't show up! Basically, I love you. Great jacket. Props. :). Xx

  6. I love how big your hair is and the jacket is so amazing!

    Carmen Ri.

  7. the sequin detailing is lovely

  8. cute!!!


Thank You!

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