Saturday, 3 March 2012

It just So Happened.

Ebay Vintage Trench, American Apparel Beanie, Urban Outfitters Sunnies + Clutch
Neon happens to be a big trend this SS12 this beanie and watch are the only things neon I will be owning, actually bought them because the colour caught my eye not because its on trend at the moment. Oh the beanie another reason why I bought it and the inspiration for this look was because of this snazzy lady I saw on the Styleeast blog and before I leave you if your in London PLEASE DO VISIT Snog its AMAZING! Frozen yoghurt is my current fad and Snog is one of my favourites. 


  1. Love the whole outfit, I'm loving the whole neon trend going on. All I need is something neon in my closet and I'm officially in haha :)

  2. Your mahoosive ring is mega! I like the neon beanie ting, saw a few peeps at LFW rocking the same style. It's a nice nod to the trend, without being slavish. And good for road safety! ;) xx

  3. this post makes me hungry haha! you look fab, love the beanie. x

  4. My gosh, i'm drooling over that frozen yoghurt... Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!
    Your outfit's amazing. Nicest bag i've seen in a very long time, great rings as well xx

  5. i saw you on the train about a fortnight ago but wasn't too sure 'cos of your hair, but stole a couple of glances anyway to be sure. And I was right!



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