Wednesday, 1 February 2012

SPOTlight: Jennoir on ASOS Marketplace

FINALLY uploaded my bits on ASOS Marketplace last night (was a very long task) I've started small to test the waters. Most pieces are vintage, so its pre-loved and is not perfect and my key thing is affordability I do not like being ripped off so I will not rip you guys off.


  1. I really love the white jacket and black jumpsuit combo- very nostalgic for me! I am awash with visions of my high school days running around downtown listening to the Smiths in my docs and hat!

    Well done! I am off to check out your ASOS.


  2. I love the white jacket and the denim jacket you're wearing! Btw, it was nice seeing you yesterday, thank god we didn't get stuck in that lift. I was starving haha.

    Carmen Ri.

  3. Congrats and good luck with your vintage shop! so far the pieces look great :)


Thank You!

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