Sunday, 26 February 2012

LFW: House of Evolution

Zeynep Tosun


Nadine Merabi    Images by Christopher Dadey
So here are images from the House of Evolution show last Sunday and little report on each collection. 

Zeynep Tosun - My absolute favourite, every single look that came out I was blown away - Each look was heavily styled (a shirt, vest, blazer and jacket, oversized backpack or clutch), a mixture of prints, white, green and burgundy colours. Material wise there was a use of perspex and heavy use of metal which was used as cuff links, collar tips and chokers. Really look forward to seeing what Tosun has in store for future fashion weeks to come, she is definitely one to watch. 

Delada - Second favourite, Delada started off the show with a short clip which set the tone for the collection which was dark and sexy, hard edged with sexy low cuts, sheer panels and exposed backs. A lot of monochrome and neutral colours used, fitted structured pieces and asymmetrical cuts. 

Nadine Merabi - With the sounds of Adele blaring from the speakers this already let you know this collection was not as hard nosed compared to Delada and Tosun, the pieces were in shades of white, lilac, grey and prints. A feminine collection which fitted and draped nicely on the models, not really a girly girl so I found this collection a little too sweet for my taste however an impressive collection from Merabi.

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