Thursday, 16 February 2012

Double Denim Africana

Ebay Vintage Jacket, Shorts + Denim Shirt, Ankara Material (Used As Headwrap),  Timberlands
Heya Guys!! This is what I wore on Tues, I just had to wear these Timberlands again and I scored this new leather jacket for just £1, LUCKY ME!! p.s. Updated Jennoir on ASOSMarketplace, click here and before I go below is my favourite song of the week 'Love Fast' ~ Martyna Baker

''Yeah I'm fed up of my heart coming last, I put myself on a love fast...''


  1. YAY you've updated marketplace! :D Going to find that paisley top, can't get enough of that print. ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Your smile is the cutest! I'm so jealous that you can rock every outfit! I wish i could. I just read on your little info box that you do fashion management and marketing, as this is what I'm looking to do I was wondering if you get a spare minute would you mind talking to me about it? My email is It's fine if you can't but I'd love to chat.

  3. ahh what cute post, love the last pic so lovely. you look so cool africana :)

  4. The jacket is a bargain! Love your headscarf too xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  5. Love the denim shirt, you look great!xx

  6. Great outfit! I have some Ankara actually that I lugged back from Nigeria that I haven't used yet, might give this a go!

    Drea xo

  7. Aww, the bye photo was so cute! Love denim on denim on you.

    Carmen Ri.

  8. Hey lovely!
    I have just awarded you with 2 awards! Your blog is amazing and I want your style so BAD. Keep up the awesome blogging!


Thank You!

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