Sunday, 26 February 2012

Backstage at House of Evolution

Was VERY manic backstage OMG! people teaming all the over place, but that's fashion week for you darlings! after I settled in a bit I got snapping away and these are just some of the shots I got (didn't want to overload you guys) Also I got a chance to speak to Delada, read the Q+A below and OH! this a great post about being a newbie blogger to LFW read here

Describe collection in three words.

Art-Embraced, Sensual, and Sculpted.

 Who do you see wearing your pieces?

All clothes are designed with myself in mind and which I would wear, but anyone looking for stylish, sexual and sensual without wanting to come across too loud or too exposed, but always wanting to look artistic and different, will enjoy my collection most.

 What do you have in store for the future?

While creating this season’s collection, I have played with the idea of creating handbags and fashion jewelry accessories, and I am very keen to fully develop these ideas and include some handbags and accessories in my SS13 collection. The next collection SS13 will be inspired by one of my favourite contemporary artists Teresita Fernandez.

 Any favourite pieces from the new collection?

While its difficult to pick favourites, but the pieces which include felt material and felt-sculpted design elements remind me of my childhood and are very near and dear to me. Felt was a traditional fabric in Soviet Russia and was the most common fabric available to millions at that time.

Another favourite if I would have to pick one are the evening dresses with stingray leather details which add glamour to the collection while being truly unique. Dame Kelly Holmes wore one of my new pieces with the stingray leather at the recent Sport Laureus Gala in London two weeks ago.


  1. Your blog is fast becoming one of my favourites. seriously cool.
    I love the exposed wefts, so gonna try it!bor maybe I should givebit a miss since I'm not a model. Xx

  2. Great photos and interesting interview x

  3. Loving the stuck on weave tracks! Oh and those silver shoes are amaze :) Great photos babe x


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