Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bits Of

Office Booties, Matalan Earrings, Topman Handlet
HEYA! today I've just focused on bits of my ensemble - got these booties from the Office sale for £42 (OMG! made the worst mistake of wearing these booties to work today, the pain was excruciating ) and initially saw these earrings in Topshop for £7.50 then by chance was in Matalan and spotted them for £1.50! p.s. don't you just find Henrry Holland tights SO annoying, its like every time you breathe they ladder/rip a little more. 


  1. I love those shoes ! That hand chain is divine ! Do you want to constantly fiddle with it though ? xx

  2. love those booties!! the touch of leopard in them looks fab

  3. wowwww those earrings are very cool!!

  4. I can't believe those earrings are from Matalan! Please don't say it was ages ago because I'm heading there asap.
    Strut Mode

  5. those earrings are so wicked, statement earrings are my obsession!

  6. Loving the bargain shoes!! Whenever I wear heels to work I always pack a pair of flats with me so my feet don't die a painful death! xx

  7. CUTE shoes!! Love the accessorizing...

    ~Tea-Leigh xo


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