Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Post Xmas

Ebay Vintage Trench, Beyond Retro Fur Store, Charity Shop Bag, Office Loafers
Hey Y'all! How Christmas? Did not feel like Christmas at all to me AND the weather is rather unseasonable at the moment which made it fee un-Christmasy and not December, the weather is rather Spring-y.  I didn't get presents (did not want anything this year) got money instead which I prefer, can spend it all on Ebay or in Urban Outfitters/Office/River Island or Beyond Retro. I have got a few bits already and I'm waiting for further reductions before I hit up Office and Urban Outfitters sale p.s. I need to show you my full length fur its A-maze!! 


  1. it came it now its gone...:( sad its over...like the practicality of your gifts...i wish for nothing i rather have surprises then be all like "GIVE ME THIS OR ILL HATE YOU"..lame

  2. Love the stole and the loafers! I didn't feel very Christmassy either. Had a bout of festive insomnia which made me feel miles away! Hope you still had a nice Christmas. x

  3. ahh the stole is gorge.. u look darling as per usual

  4. i love your shoes and the trench and the way you have your hair up.....just love the whole thing basically :) xoxo


Thank You!

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