Thursday, 22 December 2011

Its Been A While

F21 £14.75
Tophop Ring £7.50 F21 Cuffs £3.90 each
F21 socks from left to right: £2.40, £3.90,  £3.15, £3.15
UO Belt £8.00

Peacocks £12.00

Yeah, its a been a while I have shown you lovely people what I've bought recently, I am trying sort of to curb my wild spending because I graduate next year and I will not have copious amount of cash (student loan) to blow. So I'm trying to slowly discipline myself, my biggest hurdle will be my Ebay addiction it just sucks me in and empties my bank account.
P.S. The Weeknd's new mixtape dropped today, favourite track so far is:

'Well Baby I've been alone for almost all my life...'


  1. I love the look of that shirt! Polka dots are my favourite :)

  2. So envious; these are all really great buys <3 Especially love the cuffs and the leopard heels.

  3. Nice choice!!
    I´m following your blog now :)

  4. we are in the SAME boat Jen! the 3rd year boat of suffering *smh* Love everything!

  5. lovelove your new purchases! :3

  6. I love love love your accessory choices those cuffs and that belt with the gold lions fierce

  7. love all! nice nice! M. chirstmas!! <3


Thank You!

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