Saturday, 12 November 2011

Motel Rocks and GLOSSYBOX Bloggers Evening

Heya! On Thursday attended a lovely little bloggers evening by Motel and Glossybox, was kindly invited by Selina (PR + Social Media Assistant) thank you so much for the invite. The event was a chance for Motel to showcase their new winter collection, there was quite few lovely pieces, lucky me I got to pick one piece for free I chose this coat. I do find blogger events a little bit intimdating (since I'm only a new blogger) but I met some lovely ladies; namely Gemma, Emily and Shiba (Joy you've probably noticed from a past post) 


  1. Oh wow this is reli cute and nice...

    i would love to attend a bloggers event like this
    but i havent even had the time to research if there is any in dublin(i hope there is) and this is one ting i shuld do any whoo...

    hope u had a great time(y am i asking lol it shows)


  2. I love the jacket you chose! I want it!!! Lol X

  3. Lovely photos! It was really good meeting you. It was such a good night!

  4. you look divine

  5. I was sooo nervous too as I'm new to blogging but it was actually so lovely, everyone was really friendly and chatty and it was great to meet other bloggers! I love the coat you chose, I opted for a 90's style coat and I'm so excited for its arrival! :)
    Glad you had a nice time, maybe see you at another event if one pops up (hopefully)!
    Tilly M x

  6. Absolutely LOVE this coat. Lucky girl! x

  7. I just discovered your, i will visit you every week and hope you will visit me too.Gog bless;

  8. Looks fun fun fun! and you look happy so that's good :)


Thank You!

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