Friday, 18 November 2011

Dazed and Confused/Grazia's Blog Rag/And Erm...

Speaking with Angela Buttolph, Editor of Grazia Daily 
Speakeasy's YUMMY cakes
 Loved Angela's Hermione De Paula Shirt 

Drey's cute Topshop slippers
My sister Denise
Got these vintage Hobbs loafer for myself didn't fit, gave them to my sister
ME! Vintage Jacket, East End Thrift Store Scarf (used a headband)
So today went uni then met up with Ngoni and Tomi to go to the Dazed & Confused exhibition (really good by the way) afterwards Ngoni ended up at the Grazia Blog Brag which I heard about via twitter. The Blog Brag was free, you came along, mingled with other bloggers and spoke 'bragged' to the Grazia team why people should visit your blog- oh and sample Speakeasy's sexy cakes. 


  1. I really wanted to go to the Blog brag but I had to work. Sounds like it was fun.
    Strut Mode

  2. Sounds like a great event - the work looks fantastic. Am very impressed with that bloke's flexibility too!x

  3. I feel like i am realy late...but did u get a new cam?
    love the white loafers!!!


  4. looks like such a fun night! love yout outfit. i just found your blog and im going to follow you! :) have a great week!

  5. It was awesome Jen.
    Blog buds for life haha x

  6. ah! what an awesome event! so very cool! :) great pictures! i hope you bragged your ass off to Grazia! Because your blog rules!


  7. love your ear cuff and your slippers!


Thank You!

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