Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Me Again

Matalan Parka, River Island Leo Print Booties, Ebay Vintage Denim Shirt
HELLO! Bet you have all forgotten what I looked like haha, well I here I am anyways how are you all? I've started uni now final year SCARY shit I'm a laid-back go with the flow type person and final year is really trying to ruffle my feathers and STILL have no student loan also just great right? but I do have some goodies to show you though post coming soon-ish.
p.s. VERY VERY glad Florence and the Machine has made a comeback. bloody love that woman.

''And its hard to dance with the Devil on your back, so shake him off oh woah...''


  1. Jen You look SOO BEAUTIFUL.
    Love everything about this outfit, laid back and chic


    I will love your blog ALWAYS!

  2. hey! was wondering where you were! glad youre back! love the denim top and those shoes!!! and yeah florence and the machine rule. congrats on starting uni. dont worry. studnets are slackers by nature...speaking from experience over here lol good luck!



Thank You!

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