Monday, 24 October 2011

I Got...

 Ebay Vintage Chanel Like Houndstooth Jacket £6.50
 Ebay Vintage Houndstooth Blazer £4.99
Epsom Charity Shop £6.99
Ebay Vintage Orange Fur £10.50          Ebay Vintage Black Fur £11.50
Heya! Here are some of the bits I got recently I'm trying to change my look somewhat, go for a more simple minimal look (you may have already noticed a slight change) - that's why I got the blazer and jackets (also got an amazing tartan blazer for £1) As for the furs well I'm a bit of a fur fan during the colder months - now have 9 furs of varying lenghts, colours and style. Oh yeah I really really REALLY have an Ebay addiction problem, it just sucks me in and I get massively carried away. 


  1. Yeah I'm going for the whole minimalistic vibe too, but I love colour too much to abandon it completely

  2. I love your finds! Great blog by the way, check me out if you can.



Thank You!

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