Monday, 29 August 2011

SPOTlight: Spencer Edwards

Images via Proprpostur
Proprpostur is one of the few men blogs I religiously read and follow, Spencer's blog not only documents his style but features his photography work, the style of others around him and each post gives an interesting sartorial titbit. I decided to pick Spencer's brain and ask him a few questions read below: 

Hello world my name is Spencer Edwards I’m a 22 year old student/ stylist/ blogger/ photographer/ videographer/ and creator from Ottawa.  I am the creator of, with colors, textures, shape, patterns and following the season Proprpostur shows to the public different expression of men’s personal style.

What made you start up a blog and what is the story behind your blog name? 

Absolute boredom on a Sunday afternoon, I was all alone and had nothing to do. I read a few blogs in my spare time. Then I just decided to start my own, at first it was just random stuff not much structure at all. 
I just shared it with a few friends here and there. 
I wanted a name that had a really good ring to it nothing corny that consisted of “fashion” or “style”. I just felt I would be limiting myself by doing so.     
I think my mother made a comment on my posture, since I was sitting and after that I just came to me to call it Proper Posture (proprpostur).

Noticed you wear a lot of thirfited pieces - what is about thirfting you love?

I love thrifting because you can find so many different ranges of pieces that a shopping mall couldn’t offer.

What is the first thing sartorial wise do you notice on other people?

Comfort, for sure. How comfortable / confident are they in what they are wearing.

What would you say personal style is? 

Personal style is all about knowing of self and not caring what those have to say. No one is being you than you.

Would you say men need to be more unafraid to step out their comfort zone style wise?

YES!! It’s a bit annoying now and weird to see so many men looking identical but yet claim to have style. But are only really wearing it due to the hype of at the moment over it.

Without a hat, bracelets and a fistful of rings - I'm guessing you would feel your outfit is not complete right?
I always have my bracelets/rings on, but I can go a day or two without a hat.

What makes you want to work in Fashion Styling/photography?

It’s such a beautiful thing. It’s my way of speaking to others without talking; I was never really good with words. So it’s just another way for me to communicate with the world.

See more of Spencer here and  here and follow on Twitter too 
Oh yeah my last question to Spencer was a marriage proposal so guys I'm off to Canada to wed Spencer, haha okay okay I kid he did agree though BUT I love London too much to leave. 


  1. I like this post...abit different...definately interesting cos i didnt expect to come accross this...i like!!!

  2. i love spencer's blog and style! this is a really awesome interview, really interesting :) he;s so creative and well dressed, love it. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)Xxx

  3. Love this post !! He got the style !!


  4. love it <3 bold and great style


  5. I've seen him in passing while scrolling on lookbook and definitely have hyped a few of his looks, but I sometimes stupidly forget to view the details of the looks, and particularly see if the poster has a blog. This would have been a total miss on my part! Thanks for bringing him into focus. The Man Repeller may've coined the term 'arm party,' but he's got it on lock!

  6. I didn't know about him but you did such a great interview! Will def check his site. xx

  7. Oooh arrrrrr.... Such panache...

  8. Lovely interview.
    He is so well dressed.

    NRC ♥

  9. thank you for introducing us to a brilliantly stylish male! xx

  10. Came across his blog the other day and I just LOVE HIM!

    Urban art + street fashion addict:

  11. Wow, he's so stylish! Loved reading the interview!

    Carmen Ri.

  12. such a great post on spencer!
    such a stylish lad!


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