Thursday, 25 August 2011

Blitz Bloggers Evening

Ella's Cool ACNE Booties

Erm Boy (forget to ask his name) - Blitz Store Associate
Cleo - Blitz Store Associate 
Ella - Blitz Press Manager
Zara Riding Pants, Ebay Vintage Shirt, Suede Vans
Hello All!! Was invited to Blitz the new vintage department store bloggers evening, its the big sister of The Vintage Store on Brick Lane- Blitz sell luggage, home-ware, bikes, records and clothes obviously oh and have an instore coffee shop. My friend kindly lent me her SLR, so I ran down to go have a nose around Blitz. There were many pieces that screamed my name BUT sadly I'm still poor but once I have copious amounts of money again aka student loan I will be back at Blitz by the way spotted the following bloggers - Stella, Ronan and Platform Princess. Visit the Blitz blog here and like them on Facebook too. 


  1. I DIED!! Seriously! I would love to go where you go! This looks like a wonderful spot to be! I bet you could browse for hours! kiah

  2. Ohhhh man! i was meant to go but didn't feel too good that day..

    im in love with the sequins!!!

  3. I wish I was there for those printed bomber's alone.
    strut mode

  4. looks really fresh.. may have to be my new spot ;)


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