Sunday, 17 July 2011

Two in One

Left Hand- H&M Lizard Ring, Primark Ring Right Hand - ASOS Cross Ring, Primark Ring  

Vinny Ebay Booties, River Island Leggings, UO Necklace, Unknown Short Sleeve Biker
Hey guys! how are you all? Just a quick outfit post today oh and also take a peep of my sister's outfit below:

Primark Brogues, MY shorts, Primark Shirt, Thrifted Quilted Jacket, Jack Wills Bag, UO Headband


  1. just discovered your blog today through "followmein5inchheels"; your meetup looked like so much fun. i love the RI leggings, wish i was brave enough to pull them off!
    ps. love your little sis's outfit too -x-

  2. i love the bag! your little sister is a stylish little one too. ive been dying for a quilted jacket for ages xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. love both of your outfits :)

    and awwww your sis is so cute !!! has she got a blog too ??? xoxo

  4. That jacket, leggings and that bag *rolls eyes*, watch. lol

  5. love the second shot. great styling there.

  6. love the rings!!! Your sister is so cute though!!

  7. looks like fun and i love your rings and pants. very nice


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