Sunday, 24 July 2011

Slight Obsession

New Look Limited Edition Jacquard Jacket, Primark Grandad Collar Shirt, H&M + ASOS Armour Ring
Hey how you doing guys? I'm currently so unbelievably poor at the moment, serves me right for having such a disgusting overspending problem - which I have to address this is just ridiculous. Anyways I'm off to wallow in self-pity (p.s. the title refers to my slight obsession with white tees, blouses and shirts at the moment)


  1. ohh you did buy that ring! i so regret not getting it now! :(

    love the jacket :)

  2. I know how you feel about being poor! Haha
    Love your rings.


  3. overspending has me broke...
    hence my shopping ban (more me not being able to spend what I dont have but blah)
    i am in love with your rings tho

    ooo la la

  4. I too have a spending problem. I have no will-power at all! Love your jacket and the rings are awesome. Just came across your blog. Now following you with GFC!

    Check out my blog some time at!

  5. I love those rings! :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

  6. Gorgeous brocaded jacket! LOVE that it's silver/metallic! Awesome nail polish color too :)

  7. ooooh my your jacket :O

    i want to steal , i want to steal , i wish i could steal !!!!!! its so cute i really want to jack the jacket loooooool get it ? jack the jacket !!! uno jack the jack........

    ok ill shut up now xoxo

  8. Babe Isabel Marant did a near exact jacket last fall. I'm running to New Look in the morning. You look great ;)



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