Friday, 1 July 2011

Power Shoulders

Charity Shop Jacket, Ebay Vinny Bag + Booties
The power shoulders of this jacket does make me slightly paranoid, I think their a bit too big so this is only the 2nd time I'm wearing it. BUT love the print so I think I'm just going to toss my paranoia aside and rock the jacket a lot more. 


  1. i actually think it looks really great on you. the shoulders don't look that huge. continue to wear it, its lovely! :)

  2. ^ I agree to the tenth power.

  3. Love this outfit and your jacket is amazing you've pulled it off very well with this outfit

  4. Wow! That jacket is pretty amazing! Love the bag too.

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  5. this blazer is soooooo DOPE!! I love large shoulder pads and you are ROCKING IT. Now followng :)


Thank You!

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