Sunday, 3 July 2011


Republic Denim Gilet, Ebay Vinny Shirt, Miss Selfridge Limited Edition Breepers, New Look Lace Socks
Received this vintage plaid shirt yesterday in the post, won it for a bargainous £2.00 I still want a more oversize plaid shirt though. Aside from Teyana Taylor's 'Her Room' I have been obsessively listening to Jesse Boykins III's new EP 'Way of A Wayfarer - which is free to download, visit his tumblr if you wish to download.  Below is just a little taste of Jesse's smooth sensual vocals

''Lay in my bed, I'll guarantee you won't never wanna leave..''


  1. Cute plaids! Love the lace socks with shoes!


  2. The ankle pants leaving your cute lace socks exposed - I love this outfit. Somehow, the pearl earrings are a surprise. A great look and you look great.


Thank You!

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