Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Meet Up

Beyond Retro Blazer, Vinny Bag, New Look Limited Edition Breepers, Unknown Lace Top
Promise, Jen + Tomi
Dami's Pretty Impressive Rings 
Dami + Promise
Promise + Lolade 
Anne + Lola

Vapiano - YUM!

My friend and namesake Jen of wanted to do a little meet up where we meet up with some other girls who are also newbie bloggers. The following attended - AnneTomi (I identified with Tomi's sense of style the most would love to delve head-first into her wardrobe), Dami, Lola, Lolade, Lola, Promise and Onyxsta. Rather enjoyed the meet up we just mooched around the shops then later headed over to Vapiano, which I had heard a lot of people rave about and after sampling it I do agree its delish. 


  1. wooow you all looked great !!!
    im still gutted i didnt make it

    and yummmmm the food xoxo

  2. very pretty and chic girls!
    You look fabulous with that hair. I like more than the other hair! the other was very cool but with curly hair this much cute! You look better. kisses bella.

  3. you guys look fantastic! thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment :)))

  4. You all look lovely.

    I've given you an award. Collect it from my bloggy.


  5. you girls look so rad love what you all are wearing and loving those rings <3

  6. Like I posted on Promise's post-you all look so stylish!
    strut mode

  7. I need to seriously come to where you are just to raid your closet girl, fab!

  8. awww love this post x


  9. As much as I slightly resent the fact that I didn't get an invite this looks a lot of fun and you all look great!! :) xx


Thank You!

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