Friday, 29 July 2011

1st Day!

Bracelets - Vintage, Gift + Primark Men         Rings - H&M, ASOS, Primark, ASOS
Forever21 Maxi Skirt, Zara Leather Waistcoat 
Morning okay well Afternoon, did my first shift at Forever21 London yesterday - my god the bright lights and crowds of people was overwhelming at first. Sightly got it over and got on with my shift, very very VERY happy I'm on the accessory team - there are many rings which need to find their way to my fingers also spotted Charlene of Strutt and Kristabel of I Want You To Know browsing .Oh yeah before I went to F21 I took my friends to the Urban Outfitters sample sale, here's what they got: 
Backpack Only £6! 
Satchel Just £10!


  1. lucky work at forever 21...i'm very hard for me...lolll

  2. Great outfit! Love your waistcoat :)
    I also went to F21 & the UO sample sale. I got some amazing bits from UO & F21 :}

    Blogs great keep up the work xxx

  3. That satchel is amazing! I hope working there is a dream; probably can't say given the crowds and it being your first day and all, but good luck there.

  4. so lucky! I applied for a job there never got a call back :(! Well done though!

  5. loving all the rings xoxo

  6. Oh did you spot me? You should've said Hi! Though I was a bit zoned out as it was so busy, I'm not the best in crowd situations. Have you bought much there already? I bought the Facehunter book at the UO sample sale!

  7. Ahh jel you bumped into Charlene, I had a wee chat with Emma of Milk Teef and she was lovely on Friday :) I am on ground floor usually on Gypsy so come say Ello! How you finding it so far? Cute outfit too! x

  8. loving the backpack doll's attire x



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