Sunday, 12 June 2011

SPOTlight: Jada Simone

Every image I see of Freelance Fashion Stylist Jada I admire her style even more- so I thought I'd share a bit of Jada with you, below is a little Q+A:  

Name? Age? location? 

My name is Jada Simone, I'm 18 and from London, based in both South and East.

What do you define as personal style? and how important do you think having personal style is? 

Style is a celebration of who you are. It's the theory that we can reinvent ourselves every so often until we find the identity we are most comfortable in. It's saying this is who I am and I don't give a fuck what you think about it. Personal style is everything to me. It's my thoughts, my passions, my musical influences, my beliefs, my convictions, and deepest darkest secrets presented openly for the worlds critisicm. Style has become such a rarity now. We live in a society designed to dissect and destruct everything with no justifiable reason, so most people are too afraid to celebrate themselves and become dissconnected from all forms of individuality, which is a real damn shame.

You have a very strong image, how does your friends and especially family react to it? 

I have always been the black sheep of my family, so they have never ever accepted the way I choose to live my life. My mum calls me an exhibitionist and my siblings label me the "freak", but it's never bothered me. Sometimes we all need that seclusion to drive us even further in what we do. It doesn't phase my friends, which is why I love them so much. They just accept me for me, which is amazing, because it always bothers me when people predantically question my image.

I know your a very big fan of Lady Gaga - what is about Lady Gaga that draws to her + her music? 

Gaga's entire output is just a whirlwind of full blown escapism and intoxication. Her mantra of self empowerment truly inspires me. She is the greatest voice for the oppressed and indifferent individuals of society. My love for her stems far deeper than the music. Absolutely everything she does just makes my jaw drop. She changed my life completely. She instilled me with so much confidence in myself that I never had before. There was never a voice in my life to tell me that it's ok being me and that I can be whoever I want to be until her. I learnt to live outside of limitations and found true freedom and peace of mind from Gaga.

Noticed you wear Black alot - What is about this colour that you love? 

I absolutely adore black with all my heart. It's a fine line between simplicity and dramatic impact. Too many people abide by the stigma attatched to it thinking its a sad and depressing colour. But in actual fact, its loud bright colours that depress me, I find them so empty. Black is poetic. It's classic and timeless. Alot of people assume I'm gothic when I'm head to toe in dark regalia, that's what sucks about society, judgement.

Why Fashion Styling? Have you always wanted to work in Fashion? 

From as far as I can remember, I have always been so OCD about visual language and iconography. I love fashion and personal style. I think my passion for it stemmed from my obsession with musical culture and diverse outlandish personalities. The people I always looked up to growing up were the eccentrics like Grace Jones, David Bowie ect. It's that exact theatricality from the unison of fashion and music that astounds and inspires me. Fashion is just the greatest escape for me, we all need a sense of fantasy to escape our harsh realities.

Your an avid vintage fan too - tell me more about your passion for vintage. 
The beauty of vintage is the history to each piece. Everything is so finely made with so much detail, unlike the mass production of retail in this day and age. I feel as if I'm living through a past time with vintage. With pieces sourced from all over the world, so many stories and secrets have been woven deep into the materials. It all transcends so much character, energy and prescence to a look.

See more of Jada here and follow her on Twitter too. 


  1. what a load of bullshit, shes a boring wannabe like the rest of them in london makes me vom what happened to style? is it dead? must be

  2. I absolutely love this and her style! it's interesting she loves Lady Gaga as they both do have similar styles

  3. nah I love her still, too real.

  4. wow i love this so much! i love her third outfit and she seems so down to earth! inspirational :) great post thanks for sharing, ronan x

  5. I love the second outfit. she looks so funky.

  6. Wow she looks so cool!! Will have to check her out x

  7. cute...only her can pull of black lipstick!
    i think i might try

  8. Gosh, I love her style!

  9. she is freaking amazing love how she is just herself love love love it, i wish i had of found her now she is worth an award... wow great find!


  10. Do you know what, I never knew who she was until now and because of you I am absolutely in love with this girl! I love her kick-ass attitude and the creativity that goes along with her wardrobe. Nice interview! Btw you've got yourself a NEW FOLLOWER...ME! lol. Thanx for the comment and I hope you'll pop over again real soon! xx

    Urban art + street fashion addict:


Thank You!

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