Wednesday, 22 June 2011

In the Red

Select Kimono Jacket, Ebay Vinny Booties, COW Vintage Silk Polo, Ebay Floppy Hat
Not only is my outfit red but my bank balance is in the red too haha, honestly do not know where my money disappears too - okay okay I'm lying overspending, food and travel is where it goes. But yes back to my outfit I got the idea of wearing the same colour but different tones from Audrey of see here.  
Lastly meet other intern - Amy and oh Will again: 

Amy's nude blazer I LOVE!
Just LOVE the clean and simple lines of Will's look today. 


  1. I love the throw and the Floopy hat.
    Will looks FAB too xx

  2. heyy! I once saw a faux fur collar in one of your posts and it was absolutley amazee! I'm looking for one in the shops but cannot find one that looks like your dark brown one... Do you know where I can get one and if your selling yours anytime soon can you let me know.

    Thanks :)

  3. Love yall style!!!!


Thank You!

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