Wednesday, 15 June 2011

HATE Summer

Forever21 Side Split Maxi Skirt, Topshop Top, Berskha Crop Denim Gilet

Okay I'm going to have a bit of a rant I really honestly do hate summer, I derive no pleasure from being hot and uncomfortable and looking shiny. I also find it harder to style myself in Summer and feel like my personal style suffers a little when its hot, thankful today in London there was a gentle cool breeze. Yesterday OMG! I was so hot thought I'd have a heatstroke (okay okay I'm being a tad dramatic) but yes you get my drift.


  1. I understand you perfectly! Few people understand me when I say I hate the summer. Ami I do not like sweating, I make runs, I'm always tired, I like to teach a lot of skin, not make a lot of my body. I definitely like more winter clothes and accessories and big, thick clothes. I UNDERSTAND YOU FRIEND

  2. your tee and dm's are amazing! haha looking shiny i know what you mean, but i love summer! it brings smilesss joy and happiness :) you have nothing to worry about, you look fab :) ronan x

  3. oh man i hate summer too! i mean it is not the best time of year for fashion for me either! so if feel you on that one for sure, but you still manage to look good! so youre doing soemthing right! :)


  4. Summer or no summer, you look HOT!


  5. you look cute , loving the skirt xoxo

  6. i do love the sun, but the heat we had this week was melt worthy! Ahh was like a baked mouse!
    Love that skirt!


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