Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Earth Hairdressing Bloggers Event

H&M Trend Trousers, UO Flats, UO Velvet Biker

Hot legs and my favourite print. 
Annie and Joy 
Joy's H&M Robo-bug Necklace 

Lois of and owner of Carrot Top PR again invited me to another bloggers event, this time for Earth Salon - the evening consisted of  head massages, eyebrow threading, hair consultations (even for afro hair) and facials/skin consultations. I went for the eyebrow threading and OMG it was so painful really cannot believe some people thread every two weeks, also got a skin consultation and facial (was told my skin is normal/good condition no surprise really as I do not wear foundation or anything of that sort, lipstick is the only form of makeup I wear) but the stuff put on my face from Melvita felt fantastic and had me thinking of maybe one day having a proper skincare regime. 


  1. oohh Annie goes to my uni!

    and liking your trousers...

  2. love the outfit

    hmmm yuummm the food looks oh so yummy :D

    and wooow you dont wear make up :O thats amazing , ur skin is super amazing xoxo

  3. That looks so fun!!
    Lucky girl, i've bin craving sushi all day!!! Yum.

    Your hair really is amazing!! I probably say that every time I comment but it's true! Haha xx

  4. I love your hair ! So so pretty !! :)

  5. HIIIIIII!! It was lovely meeting you last night hun :) and lord gosh my smile is huge in that pic.

  6. mmm sushi. love your trousers :)

  7. wow! I love to go to an event where bloggers make skin treatments and hair! great

  8. Hello, hello!!
    I am going to get rid of my blog Just for Girls (I don't know if you know it) and I've created a new one!!
    Please follow and comment!!!
    I can't say "I am following" because the account is still the same so... I still follow you!!
    Alice Dias
    PS: I do follow you, I don't know if I followed you before, but I follow!

  9. Hi, I spotted you at the event - I love your hair and was admiring all your rings! I would LOVE to be able to get away with not wearing make up, but wouldnt have a facial because it meant having to take all my slap off!!! I loved the eyebrow threading though!


Thank You!

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