Monday, 9 May 2011

Still Searching

H&M Sleeveless Cardi, Charity Shop Shirt, Urban Outfitters Boots
STILL looking for a part time job armed with my CV went to a few shops to hand my CV over (somebody please hire me) , also lunched/shopped with old college fun who helped take my photos. LOOK at what I got. 
now £20
Wanted these smoking slipper loafers from when they first landed in UO but was not going to pay £38 for them, just had a feeling they would end up on sale (most UO shoes do) - they also come in black ponyskin which bloggers Florie and Frances have been wearing. 

via Peanut Butter Trysts


  1. I love the colors in your shirt and your boots. Cute buy, too. Good luck with the job search. A PTJ wouldn't hurt me either.

  2. my mother says: "Never put your bag on the floor or the money will go" hehe. I love your shirt and I love your hair

  3. i love your hair and i have never noticed your labret piercing before? it looks lovely! also good luck with the job hunt, i've been searching for a part time job too and it seems that NOWHERE is hiring:( great shoes too!!

    isabelle xx


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