Thursday, 26 May 2011

Smart Choice?

Miss Selfridge Jeans, Charity Shop Blazer, Bik Bok Bowler
Was absolutely pissing down in London today and smart ole me wore white, thankfully I only had to be out for a short period of time, today's picture were taken indoors as I was just about to take a picture of my shoes my dad returned from work and rudely interrupted me.


  1. awwww looooool my mum does that all the time too looooool and i love the blazer , cute xoxo

  2. yeah i love your white blazer is so beautiful !!
    very nice outfit

  3. Oh, I adore your bangs! And I love a white blazer. It's just classic.
    What A Pretty Face

  4. Love the look jen
    and your wearing geanss :)

  5. I like the mix of the BLUE jean and WHITE blazer!
    U got it B-)


Thank You!

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