Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pleats Again

Ebay Vinny Pleat Skirt, Zara Waistcoat, Urban Outfitters Loafer
I MISPLACED MY CAMERA OH MY GOD! (I refuse to believe ma camera is lost, gone - this shots were taken with my phone) Anyways enough about that for now, was front of house today for the Bethnal Green Affordable Vintage Fair - stamping customers and taking their entry fee, really enjoyed seeing their eager little faces just bursting to rush inside the hall and swoop up the vinny bargains. If you live in London your probably wondering why I'm dressed like I'm going to Diddy's Annual All White Party in Cannes. Its down to poor sense of judgement that I wore a short sleeve tee and waistcoat on a VERY windy + chilly day - speaking of 'All White' initially I was wearing head to toe white but I felt I looked like a tit, you need to break up 'All White' with some kind of print or colour. 


  1. cute...I need a master class in thrift shopping.

  2. All White has been all over Vogue these past few months lovely so you are bang on- as usual!
    Your style is put together amazingly

  3. You looked lovely mam, yes proper eager so eager in fact was late for work haha. Cudnt care less was worth it.
    Ahh proper wanted to have a lil chin wag as well.
    Did you have fun as front of house though?

  4. wah! so sorry to hear about your camara!!! terrible! i know what thats like mine broke a few years ago and being without camara is like being without.....i dont know..something else that is really important! :D I like this outfit! love the bag you decided to wear it with!


  5. Hiya we are new tweeties :) I am also OBSESSED with pleats. I think you look great and you did break it up with the shoes hat and bag xx

  6. I actaully like the all white-ness you have going on! I couldn't do it as I eat like a child lol
    and im totally digging the skirt and the one from your post before this one


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