Saturday, 7 May 2011

First Time for Everything

Rokit Leather Waistcoat, Ebay Vinny Levi Shorts, H&M Lace Shirt 
Ah! Its so annoying when wearing a blouse and the middle button keeps gaping open, seriously wish I had a smaller chest at 5'2 I don't need the load or the stress of a D cup - Okay! rant over. Visited Roman Road Market today for the 1st time, there are bargains to be had, only purchased an off white blazer which I have decided to sell on Ebay as the fit I do not like, afterwards escorted my friend to open New Look modelling casting at Lakeside Shopping Centre. OMG! you would have thought I was an alien that just dropped from space the way people in Lakeside were openly staring at me - pfft! they need to get a grip and realise yes there are some people ballsy enough to do something different. 


  1. i know what you mean i'm an F cup and sometimes having to buy the next size up so it can fit my bust is pretty annoying! howeva i'm sure theres 5"2 girls out there who wish they were a D cup! :)


    visit us?

  2. That lace shirt is gorgeous

  3. Love the waistcoat and blouse together!!

    PS Im a new follower :-) xx

  4. i love this. seriously. in ever sense of the sentence.


  5. i get that problem with the gap thing as well. its really annoying.
    Love the shirt. its really pretty :) - lola x

  6. You have really cool hair! We have the same shirt! I love your white Docs! Ha, okay I'm done yelling now. I like your style :) Thx for the sweet comment!

  7. i love your hair and your docs!!!!!


Thank You!

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