Monday, 2 May 2011

Another Bank Holiday

Ebay Vinny Leather Cardi, Dorothy Perkins Sheer Panelled Leggings
OMG! Don't you just hate when an outfit you visualise in your head doesn't translate well when you put it on. I initially was wearing a denim dress as a long robe jacket and printed spandex leggings - it look hideous, quickly changed into this.


  1. i so understand what you mean. happens to me alot and its so annoying, especially when i'm rushing to get somewhere.
    love the cardi. looks great x

  2. Thanks for your comment. That cardi is sick with the the bag too.

  3. i know exactly what you mean!! this happens to me a lot!!

    love your outfit!!! you jacket is amazing <3

  4. Ha, loved the Bank Holidays when I lived in London... Too bad we don't have any here in the U.S. Like the jacket ;)

  5. That cardi is TOO COOL! Oh man. x


Thank You!

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