Thursday, 17 February 2011


H&M Trench, Vinny Print Shirt, Beyond Retro Fur Stole
Literally I had a problem with almost every single item of clothing I was wearing today- the stole kept slipping off, trench has no pockets, shoes in the last pic was too big and satchel was too heavy. 
Enough of my moaning the plus side though today - went to H&M recruitment today at LCF hopefully they like me and CV and call me back for an interview. 


  1. Try pinning the stole on whatever you're going to wear it on and try insoles for the shoes...x

  2. :D Good Idea, I Never Thought of That. Thank You!

  3. You may have has some problems, but I see no sign of it in these photos. I love the addition of the stole to the trench. Such a fresh look.
    All the best with the job search. Fingers crossed that they give you a ring soon!


Thank You!

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