Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Stripper Leggings?

Ebay Vinny Aran Knit Jumper, River Island Leggings, Berksha Denim Jacket

When I showed my cousin these leggings he claimed I could not wear them during the day as I would look like a stripper, well I think I've proved him wrong I do not look like a stripper. 
Anyways I went up West after uni with Jen today to erm do bra shopping and to get MAC 'Morange' lipstick, on me travels I bumped into this New Look Limited  Edition jacquard jacket for £15 reduced from £45.

Forget to mention I changed my glasses earlier in the week - New Year, New Glasses, New Vision, haha cheesy I know. New glasses are Rayban £60 from David Clulow Covent Garden branch. 

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