Friday, 14 January 2011

Hobo Chic Again

Quite a fan of the homeless, hobo look - I've previously done this look before here, today I had to drop off samples used at the shoot Kay did yesterday for Ozon Magazine (its a Greek mag). Before dashing around popped into Matalan earlier and saw these bad boys both £20!  


  1. Popped to your blog, and noticed these shoes, MATALAN...oh my god, I really should have gone when the saledstarted... I got some killer heels for like £3 last january...following now x

  2. The hobo look mixed in with some '90s grunge has influenced a few of my recent outfits, usually when it's cloudy or raining. The bright pop of color on your knit hat is cheerful! I wish Matalan shipped to the U.S. When I see their pieces in British magazines, I am amazed by the amount of style and low prices.


Thank You!

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