Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Trend ALERT: Dark Lips

Lately I've been seeing loads of beauty trend pages saying glam goth lips are SO IN this autumn/winter - I so agree. While out and about in London I've noticed dark red, black and dark purple lippy being wore, I'm wearing the Topshop Ruthless dark purple . I do get some stares whilst wearing it but as  Nikki Minaj so rightly says 'Haters Go Kill Yourselves' haha. 


  1. I love the colour <3
    I must invest! I got given a lovely nude colour lipstick for Christmas so that can be my day colour and "Ruthless" my evening!

  2. This is a trend I'll adopt forever, maybe, lol. I've not yet donned make-up before, but I can see myself getting really into the dark lip. Wine and plum especially. I like it. Love your hair and the bow.

  3. Your lips look dope. I heart Marina too, seeing her in Aug at some festival I'm reviewing. Just going thru ALL your posts! xxx


Thank You!

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