Sunday, 21 May 2017

#OTTD - Mismatch

Ebay Blazer, Ebay Trousers, c/o Converse via Size, c/o Next Bag
Ph. @shot_by_jo

Suits are once again a trend all the mags are yapping on about, some high street stores do have some cute options BUT if you do not want to spend too much its fine to pair two separate pieces which are similar in colour or pattern.

Also look in vintage stores, scour Ebay and charity shops for cheaper suit alternatives. 

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Monday, 15 May 2017

#OTTD - Segun

Custom made dress, c/o Vagabond Sandals
Ph. @Shot_by_Jo

This is probably one of my favourite custom made pieces, it turned out exactly how I wanted (for once) Each time I've sent my aunty in Nigeria a design idea I want made, it never returns how I wanted it lol!

These Vagabond sandals are already a summer fave - for a while I longed for a sandal like this - its a design more favoured by Asian/African uncles lol but I just love it. Vagabond thank you for actualising my dream sandals haha!
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Saturday, 22 April 2017

#OTTD - Banana

c/o Blitz Remix Schott Bomber, Primark Jeans, c/o Ego Booties
Ph. @ShotbyJo

Hello - I present to you a very Marmite shoe colour some may say - ew why yellow? others will concur and say 'Jen good choice they pop' 

These booties can found on Ego - over here (in other colorways too) I was drawn to them for two reasons 1. they remind of the Balenciaga sock boot 2. Seeing   @Fisayolonge and @Laylapanam in sock booties, made me crave a pair too 
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